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When Steven Anderson founded Anderson Law Group with his son, Matt, he knew they would face certain challenges as a boutique law firm. At bigger, corporate law firms, you have access to teams of people who collectively bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with them. It’s easy to pop into somebody’s office and ask for advice pertaining to a particular case or for guidance on proper forms to use for specific processes. 

As a small law firm with a team of two, those watercooler moments don’t exist, so you must rely on external resources when needed. 

US Legal Forms has been an instrumental resource for the father-son team at Anderson Law Group, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The online database of more than 85,000 forms has become an almost daily go-to for the pair. We talked to Steven to learn more.

A Disorganized Personal Library

Any attorney knows that using templates or finding ways to save time on repetitive tasks can have tremendous long-term benefits. Though every legal case is unique in its own way, many begin with similar paperwork. 

Oftentimes, filling out a standard form is the first step in getting a case off the ground. With something as nuanced as the legal system, forms can get highly specific. There comes a point where many attorneys end up building their own personal databases of forms that they tend to use time and time again. 

“The problem with these self-preserved document libraries is that they are hard to manage,” says Anderson. “I personally don’t have time to keep my system organized and up to date. It is much, much simpler for me to go into US Legal Forms and get what I need.” 

Anderson discovered US Legal Forms (USLF) when working for a different law firm several years back. When he and his son started their firm and moved into transactional work, Anderson kept USLF in mind as a much more efficient alternative to developing their own library of legal forms and documents.

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USLF’s All-encompassing Range of Resources

For me, I always use US Legal Forms as a starting point. I do a lot of work in zoning, administrative law, land use, government issues like school boards and county boards, and so on, and I frequently reference USLF to learn the basics before moving forward.

– Steven Anderson, co-founder of Anderson Law Group

As a USLF user for over 5 years, Anderson references the online library for a new form or an already purchased form at least once a week. 

“I love the wide variety of state-specific forms I can find on USLF,” remarks Anderson. “One of my favorite forms is the ‘Minnesota Agreement or Contract for Deed for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate also known as Land or Executory Contract’. I mean, you can’t get more specific than that. And it’s an actual form that I have used.”

Anderson shared a list of forms he recently purchased from USLF, which include:

It’s clear that he has a need for forms of varying issues, but aside from instant access to those types of forms, how is Anderson Law Group benefitting from USLF? 

“Having access to US Legal Forms saves me probably 15% of original drafting time. Maybe more,” Anderson explains. “That’s a heck of a lot of time that I now use to help more clients.” 

In addition to getting the necessary forms, Anderson often purchases sample letters from USLF. He sees them as a great resource for getting the language right on important matters.

An Unexpected Benefit of Using USLF

Anderson is pretty vocal about how much he believes USLF makes sense for small law firms. And when it comes to lawyers who are just starting their careers, there is so much to be gained from the legal document library. 

US Legal Forms is perfect for new lawyers. You come out of law school, and you’ve read a lot of cases and have a lot of knowledge, but you don’t really know how to apply what you’ve learned or draft documents based on your knowledge.

– Steven Anderson, co-founder of Anderson Law Group

USLF helps you tie in the institutional knowledge you don’t have. It provides confidence and makes you feel like you know the right vocabulary and like you truly know what you’re doing. It’s a real safety belt.” 

That boost in confidence can make all the difference for a young lawyer who is navigating the complexities of the legal system. 

“To be able to go online and get the larger picture of that institutional knowledge, with the right forms and the right language – that’s invaluable,” believes Anderson. 

Up next for Anderson Law Group? A deep dive into more airSlate solutions.

“I just found out you guys have eSignature products. I’m not happy with the ones I currently use so I need to re-evaluate,” says Anderson. “I’m excited to see what else you all can do for me!”

Watch the interview with Steven Anderson, the co-founder of Anderson Law Group below:

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