Join the airSlate Affiliate Program: The Perks of Becoming a US Legal Forms Affiliate

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The airSlate Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by introducing others to airSlate’s suite of digital transformation tools — signNow, signNow API, pdfFiller, and US Legal Forms. Today, over 100 million users are reaping the benefits of airSlate products. Individual consumers, SMBs, and enterprises are implementing these tools at different stages of their digital transformation journey to reclaim hours they used to waste completing repetitive tasks.

Since its inception in 1997, US Legal Forms has served over 3 million users by offering legal forms for any use case, as well as the possibility to edit, eSign, and get them notarized in one place. As an airSlate affiliate, you can receive up to $50* per qualified customer referred to US Legal Forms.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the perks of promoting US Legal Forms.

Zooming In: What Can US Legal Forms Do?

US Legal Forms is the biggest online library of state-specific legal forms for personal and business needs. It helps users avoid confusion, reduce financial risks, and completely eliminate time-consuming hassles when it comes to personal paperwork. Whether it’s personal finances, life planning, family matters, or estate management, finding the right state-specific form for your particular use case will take seconds.

The forms that we have in the US Legal Forms’ library are all forms that have been in use. They’re not from books that may not have ever been used anywhere,” 

– Frank Edens, founder of US Legal Forms

With US Legal Forms, you get:

  • over 85,000 state-specific legal forms and form packages in a single online service 
  • premium document management tools, eSignature, and notarization capabilities
  • easy-to-use and fast digital document completion 
  • flawless customer service and high-security standards 

US Legal Forms Customers: Who Are They?

Let’s look at who US Legal Forms customers are, where they come from, and what they’re looking for. The US Legal Forms typical users are individual consumers, small business owners, and legal professionals.

Individuals using USLF want to be able to complete simple legal activities pro se. Small business owners are looking for a quality source of legal templates, such as customer contracts, vendor agreements, and other corporate forms. Finally, legal professionals need a reliable library of state-specific legal forms that include both personal and business templates.

US Legal Forms integrates with pdfFiller, signNow, and Notarize to ensure a seamless experience. With pdfFiller, lawyers can complete and edit PDF documents from anywhere, eSign legal forms with the signNow integration, and take advantage of the Notarize integration to get forms notarized online 24/7/365. 

US Legal Forms: Typical Use Cases

US Legal Forms hosts over 85,000 state-specific legal forms and form packages, but which form categories are the most popular in the library?

  • Real estate. Discover real estate documents for various rental needs, including offer forms, deeds, contracts, liens, etc.
  • Estate planning. Access essential life documents, such as will, trust, probate, and more, as well as information on how to organize your estate planning.
  • Family law. Learn more about divorce documents and separation agreements verified by experts.
  • Business forms. Browse through various business forms, such as LLC formation documents, contracts, employment agreements, NDAs, and more.
  • Legal form packages. Get ready-made packages containing a power of attorney, name change, bankruptcy, and landlord-tenant forms. 
  • Other areas of law. You can download affidavits for different situations, civil actions, discovery forms, and more.

How Anderson Law Group Uses US Legal Forms

Steven Anderson, co-founder of Anderson Law Group, believes that US Legal Forms is a much more efficient alternative to developing a library of legal forms and documents. Anderson does a lot of work in zoning, administrative law, land use, government issues like school boards and county boards, and so on, and frequently references USLF to learn the basics before moving forward. 

The list of forms Anderson Law Group recently purchased from USLF includes:


Having access to US Legal Forms saves me probably 15% of original drafting time. Maybe more. That’s a heck of a lot of time that I now use to help more clients,”
– Steven Anderson, co-founder of Anderson Law Group 

How the airSlate Affiliate Program works

How the airSlate Affiliate Program works

Step 1. Sign up for the airSlate Affiliate Program by completing a short registration form to receive your unique affiliate link.
Step 2. Share your affiliate link in the content you have created on your channels of choice.
Step 3. Earn a commission as soon as a purchase is made using your link.  

Becoming an affiliate is one of the ways to achieve a steady source of additional income by introducing people to airSlate’s suite of digital transformation tools. It’s that easy – spread the word about US Legal Forms and earn up to $50 per qualified customer.

Spread the word about US Legal Forms & increase your revenue!
Become an affiliate
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